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Death Grip Academy: NEW Shred Destruction Workshops

Updated: May 17, 2019

New SHRED DESTRUCTION WORKSHOPS available from Death Grip Academy

A one-on-one, live workshop via Skype with Dario Lorina of any song(s) and/or passage(s) of your choice from both Dario Lorina Shrapnel Records instrumental releases "Dario Lorina" and "Death Grip Tribulations".

Demon Rum, Pipe Dreams, My Heroine, Villains, Silhouettes, Feels Good, House of The Rising Sun, Alive, Ambrosia, Words Unspoken, Sacksong, Revolutions, Amor Odium, Rituals, Echoes of a Stone Heart, Two Fifty, Guardian, Waves of Nostalgia, Heart of Night, Fire Sign, Death Grip Tribulations, Same Dice, Hollowing, Perigee, Distant Shores

Guitar Tab Included, 100% tabbed by Dario Lorina BOOK NOW

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